Can you Recommend on Twitter?

With social media marketing, the opportunity to get a hold of really love has broadened to numerous types, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and now actually Vine – a six-second video clip you can publish from your new iphone utilising the Vine software.

Are these digital choices confusing?

To some, these include perplexing. But to my friends Marsha Collier and Curt Buthman, they redefined the expression of social media engagement when Curt suggested marriage to Marsha during the woman once a week Twitter lesbian chat room for your globe to see.

Happily, she said certainly.

For two which first connected from nationwide on Twitter in October of 2010, this relationship proposal was actually the digital same in principle as asking people to marry them on a Jumbotron at a sporting occasion.

Curt developed the Twitter hashtag of #WillYouMarryMe so the Twitterverse could stick to the dialogue and chime in with heartfelt congratulations.


“Falling in love on social networking is

some thing romantics should never exclude.”

Inquiring some one out or dropping crazy on social networking is something every hopeful intimate ought not to eliminate.

Positive, we-all wanna fulfill some one organically out, but I think on the web daters should develop their own zip rules and cast a wide web to keep all their choices available.

Making use of resources eg movie chat and Skype can enhance the union plus make one feel secure your electronic day is actually which he states these include.

Without social media, these two Tweethearts would have never ever satisfied.

How performed this electronic courtship evolve?

After Curt and Marsha linked on Twitter, they found personally three days later on at BlogWorld, a social news summit. I found myself indeed there to witness their unique first day and saw their connection bloom.

Thankfully, their own on the web chemistry transferred to offline chemistry. 2 months later after daily Skype dates, Curt flew from new york to California when it comes down to holidays to see if their particular connection had what it took commit the length.

Months later, the guy relocated to California getting together with his Twitter really love and his awesome famous Twitter/Vine matrimony proposal were held recently.

The 2 plan on incorporating Twitter within their marriage ceremony and had been overloaded together with the outpouring of love as their relationship proposition moved viral throughout the world.

Could you end up being happy to find really love on facebook? Might you propose your significant other using social networking?

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